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Thank you for visiting. As I have stated before. financial reports need to be clear, concise and impactful. They represent your business interests to the public. You need to have a forward facing confident presentation. Whether it be an slide deck or printed sales report.

Using visuals, infographics and color, turn your financial report from “bland” to “banging.” There are many examples of a financial report impressing prospective investors. A well designed annual report, for example, brings more brand awareness. The most important promotional item your company can use is a financial report. It proves the company is on a solid footing and communicates the success of the brand, with solid data.

An accountant is one that speaks volumes of progression, professionalism, focus and change. A designer considers color, font and style. A financial report needs to speak to employees, clients and more. The marrying of the two is a recipe for success.

The annual report is a once-a-year piece of content that’s mandatory for many organizations and a powerful tool for many more. While it can be tedious to assemble, it’s incredibly important. This single piece of communication presents a wealth of information about your organization to many different audiences. How those readers engage with that content affects their perceptions of your business in significant ways.
If your annual report is simply slapped together as a statement of facts, you are losing a huge opportunity to bolster your brand.

Why Your Annual Report Should Be a Piece of Master Storytelling by Katy French

I’ve been designing and producing Annual Reports for more than 15 years. I have a system and a process that enables me to produce clean, creative and exciting financial reports.

You can see two of the last reports I have worked on above. I’ve done work for RBC Bank, ETeck and Agostini’s. I’ve also worked on CinemaONE‘s Prospectus. I have the expertise experience and speed to complete any kind of financial document you need on budget and on time.

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