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ReidDesigns Website Builder Brief
Everyone needs Digital Real Estate. If you’re a business and need a new or revamped website let us know and we will work with you to see it happen.
If you dont have a name yet that’s ok.
All prices quoted in $USD. Having a range helps us with getting the best solution for you budget.
Why would you like a new website? What do you need a website for: traffic, sales, response rates, leads generated, online authority? Who is the target audience of the website?
Provide examples of those websites (or parts of websites) with the type of design and functionality you like (from any industry)
Other website features that you will like to have that were not listed above.
Other words you’d like to describe your website
If you plan to do this as part of the project or later indicate by choosing “yes”
Include links to your social media profiles and other external websites linked to this project (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
What content is needed. Choose all that apply.
There is a cost added for us to produce content for you as opposed to you doing it yourself. Please let us know who is providing content.
Indicate what they are doing well and what you can do better.
Tell us your expectations, fears and anxieties. What’s keeping you from doing a website for your business. Let us know any past experiences you had trying to get a website. If you just require online advertising say so here.