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There’s an old saying:

“Design is meant to be transparent”

Meaning that if you see the design of something, the way the lines come together, the color, the aesthetics, then the designer has failed. Design evokes an emotion and ultimately guides the viewer, user, experiencer to do something. If you have to translate a design to figure out how it works, then it’s a bad design. This is especially true for the digital age.

In the case of graphic design, something that I have been trained to do since in my teens, if the typeface is wrong, the design has failed. Its as simple as that. If you choose to use the “Impact typeface” on everything pretty soon everything looks the same as everything else, a bad meme.

In this cluttered, information saturated world, the message must stand out. It comes down to your very survival in the end. If you don’t stand out, if you look like everyone else, you will die.

To stand out is the toughest job ever, it’s not an easy task. You don’t have years of design experience, nor do you have hours to brainstorm the next compelling message. You need me to do this for you. I will write the ad copy, create the content and the visuals and get it in front of the audience you need to convert. This is what I do.

However this is not a one size fits all situation. I will sit with you and together we will come up with a way to get your message to the right people, at the right time to make them convert into loyal followers, customers and advocates.

You can see my Graphic Design work here & here. You can also check out my Linkedin profile here.

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