So you left the job at that big Ad Agency. What’s Next?

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Lost your job? Thinking this is the end? Its not so bad as you think.

Recently the question was put  to me “You lost your job, are you starting your own business?”

I thought about it for a while and the only answer I can come up with is yes, maybe. I am in the business of being creative and assisting folks in that endeavour. All the other things associated with “starting a business” is not a priority. I think what I want has never changed. At McCann I spent most of my life doing what I loved. What I loved, changed over the years but the core aspect of “being creative” hasn’t. I am at a stage in my life where maybe starting my own business, is the right thing to do the alternative is to stagnate.

Stagnation has led me here. The unwillingness to sit down quietly and just do what’s comfortable. We all reach a stage in our life where we have stopped growing, so possible a job loss isn’t a loss at all but the universe pushing you to grow in another place. Growing requires some pain, some strife and possibly many days of frustration, but everyday is a learning experience. If I do that in a new job or on my own, or just as a consultant to someone willing to listen to some advice, I am ok with that. This to me is growing. Growing out of just doing graphic art and creating things, to doing something more, achieving a bigger purpose.

In reality it’s never the right time to lose your job. But somewhere down the line it may have been the best thing to happen to you. I know its not easy and there will be rough times ahead but it won’t last forever.

Be supportive in everything you do

I am part of a little group of former McCann-ites who have also left and we created a little support group on Whatsapp, by sharing positive things and encouraging each other, we also share job opportunities. It’s important as professionals to share knowledge and help each other. Not only is it the right thing to do, it helps you grow as a person and everything to do with business is relationships. Alos keeping your contacts close means you are not doing this “unemployment thing” alone.

I feel one of the things working for a big agency or any other kind of large organisation is the loss those interpersonal relationships that business thrives on. Not just the networking part of business, but the ability to tap into a core of like minded individuals for help and growth.  I will miss the coworkers I had but I definitely won’t miss the office cliques.

So to come back to the question: Am I starting my own business?

Yes I am. I am not just starting. I am going to be in the business of doing what I enjoy and evolving into something else. One day I hope to look back on this time and say “it was a terrible time” but it was necessary. Honestly at the time of this posting, I am still figuring it out. But let’s not be mistaken. I still need to get paid, but I am reasonable in my payment plan offerings.

So contact me today and see how I can help market your product online. Even if you just “need a logo” or even a “flyer” I can do it.

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