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“Artists you Should Know” is a series of blogs that originally appeared on my Tumblr blog. I am reposting and continuing them here partly because I am transitioning away from Tumblr, and want to do more with this kind of content in the future. #artistsyoushouldknow

Artists you should know: Margaret Brundage (December 9, 1900 – April 9, 1976)

Black and white photo of Margaret Brundage

Margaret Brundage

A cover from Weird Tales pulp magazine done by Margaret Brundage, an artist you should know, titled "The Vampire Master". It depicts a woman with red lipstick and a bat for a hat. Yes. a Bat for a hat and mask. Smiley Face.

She’s got a bat for a hat or is it hat of a bat?

Margaret Brundage worked primarily in pastels on illustration board. She achieved her peak between 1933 and 1938 while working as a cover artist for the pulp magazine Weird Tales. Margaret signed her name under her work as “M Brundage”. For a long time no one knew that a woman was doing this fabulous work. A hue and cry erupted after people discovered the truth, because women in those days didn’t do “these kind of things” after all! Fortunately Margaret achieved a high enough level of fame and financial stability in those years, to provide for herself and her son. She sold her illustrations for up to $40, quite a hefty sum for a female pulp novel cover artist! However when the magazine’s editorial offices moved from Chicago to New York City it became to difficult to transport the fragile pastels and her relationship with Weird Tales sadly ended.

A painting of a nude Hawaiian beauty with a flowered red cloth with a white flower in her hair.

Hawaiian Pin-Up

She continued to work in relative obscurity and spent her later years in relative poverty, according to Wikipedia.

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Here’s a great article on Weird Tales.

Here’s the Wikipedia article which is not very well written and I’m not sure about the authenticity.

Margaret wherever you are, your work continues to inspire. Thank you.

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