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or you may end up like the Government of Trinidad & Tobago. In the last few days domains have all been hacked, presumably by the same entity or person. Usually its a teenager trying to win stripes in a reddit hacker thread. Jokes on you hacker kid, Trinidad Government websites have been hacked multiple times over, over the last decade. The Ministry of National Security, ironically, is the one most hacked.

Most of these hacks are pretty benign. Meaning they capture no real data, they just bring the site down and replace it with something “creative” like “You’ve been kracked by the Exchange, Anonymous lives blah blah blah”. But what if. . . what if they did more than that, what secrets would they take? What data does the citizenry have that could be sold on the darkweb? Your addresses? Income? What can be bought and sold?

These are the things that should worry a population. You should demand accountability from your government. Sadly it’s usually an OJT or intern that gets tasked with managing the government’s IT infrastructure and these are the results. When is it going to be enough?

As a business owner you too should be very concerned with the ease that people can hack a website. Don’t find the cheapest solution (even the webbuilders like weebly and wix are not immune) because you may find yourself broken into and robbed. Read more about developing your “Digital Real Estate” with robust backend security, regardless of it being “just a blog” or “simple landing page.” Keep yourself alive, as Queen sang, on the internet.

The featured image comes from the movie “Hackers“. A delightfully cheesy look at early 90’s hacking.

If you are interested in making your site more secure and protected, get in contact with me and we can work on it together.

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