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After writing my last blog about Google Ads I found some interesting stats about YouTube that you may find interesting. YouTube advertising, especially on mobile is effective. There is a much higher chance your product or service will be found on YouTube. If you use one or more of these different ad types your conversion rate will go up. Remember its an engaging well written and visually appealing ad that gets the interest. It’s up to you to build the funnel that carries the user to the sale.

Five important stats

  • The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1,000,000,000
  • 80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S.
  • 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV
  • The number of hours people spend watching videos (aka watch time) on YouTube is up 60% year-over-year, the fastest growth we’ve seen in 2 years.
  • 9% of U.S small businesses use YouTube

You can read a lot more stats here (updated June 2019) Obviously you can’t argue with stats like that. If you take the same amount of money you spend printing and distributing flyers, for example, you can automate the process and let Google do most of the work promoting your brand for you. Bring people to you who are interested in your services!

Display & Video 360

You can find a ton of different ways to grab the users attention check out all the different formats here: http://www.richmediagallery.com/formats. Below I’ve chosen 3 that are better suited for local small to medium businesses. Hope this inspires you to consider it for your advertising budget.




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