The Art of The Mandalorian

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We all know Baby Yoda from Disney Star Wars The Mandalorian.

via GIPHY¬†Incidentally, Disney’s been trying to remove all Baby Yoda gifs from the internet, citing “Copyright infringement” Sorry House of Mouse, I don’t think that’s going to work.

Ok so he’s stolen the spotlight. But the show on Disney+ has some of the best post credit scene artwork I have ever seen. There are a number of artists who have contributed to the artwork. I will try to list them here, I got the list from this Twitter post, but I’m sure there are going to be more coming up. We are only 3 episodes in but already the creativity is surpassing all expectations. So have a gander at some of the artwork and see the Reddit post I got them from here.

If you’d like the hirez versions I have put the ones I can find here. I am also including a nice render I did in Adobe Photoshop as fan service so you can use for your desktop wall paper or phone lock screen see below for a link. Enjoy.

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Concept Artists for Star Wars The Mandalorian

  1. Christian Alzmann
  2. Nick Gindraux
  3. Doug Chiang
  4. Ryan Church
  5. John Park
  6. Jama Jurabaev
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