On Forecasting in the time of Covid 19

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This a just a long form status update from my blog. Which is to say, a short status that is too long for Facebook and LinkedIn and too short to be a full blog.

The following is an excerpt from Amanpour and Company from PBS. “How will Covid 19 shift the World Order” It’s quite interesting. Take a look.

My take on this is that not much will actually change. Some aspects will be altered, but overall we will get back to business as usual with some new respect for changing the way we do business. I don’t prescribe to the view that everything will fall apart. What I will say is that a movement to do away with the “old tech” and embrace the new has already begun. We are 3 months into world lockdown and many ways of doing things have changed.

Somethings will go back to what they once were. Schools will reopen and a shift back to the old system will happen. The online learning bubble will burst and revert to its previous state. More employees will demand flexi time and companies will give them. Companies will opt for smaller working spaces and less overheads from rent. These are just some of the things I imagine might happen.

or it can all fall apart.

One things for sure. It’s not business as usual and as Yoda said “Always in motion is the future” So don’t stress. Manage your money now, start exploring your options, observe and learn and above all:

As an added bonus Clients from Hell had a great podcast for Freelancers experiencing hardships and feeling lost at this time. I’ll put it here.

COVID-19 has changed EVERYTHING, including the landscape of freelance work in the world. A team of Clients From Hell All Stars (host Kyle Carpenter, former host Bryce Bladon and site owner, Vernon Southward) meet to take stock of what it means to freelance now, how they’re thinking about this new reality, offer actionable strategies for what you could be doing with any extra free time you might have, and what the future might bring. 

These are strange times, but you’re not experiencing them alone. 

Ian Reid is the main blogger on this site. He owns it. He like observing events and commenting on them. He also likes teaching you new ways of doing things. If you need a business consult please get in contact.

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