I Walk Everyday

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How often do you walk or run?

I walk everyday. At least I try to. Not many know this, well my immediate family and friends, of which there are a lot, do know that I nearly died a few months back. True story, not because of the running, but because of a fused Aeortic valve that was only discovered by chance. I was running and walking and feeling steadily worse over the last year. I believed it was just “unfitness” due to being in lockdown. Nope I required open heart surgery to install a replacement mechanical valve. I am now 100% recovered with a ton of pills to take, but I’m alive. Doctor told me to walk as much as possible now, so that’s what I do. No running yet nor HIIT or any other type of gym training until they are sure the heart can take it. So yeah I walk. I have to. Its the only yrhibg really that keeps me feeling good. Anyways you can buy me a coffee if you’d like, would be appreciated. Thanks

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