“Google Ads don’t work for me”

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When I hear things like this about Google Ads I cringe. I was having a discussion with a client who’s having issues with the payment system with Facebook ads. Short of the long story? Facebook removed his ability to boost posts. I’ve seen this way too many times to count. In fact there is a good article I found about how common this is and how to get around it (TL:DR Create a whole new profile with a new credit card.)

I mentioned previously that you should have your own digital space. A website that you control. However having that site isn’t the only answer. You need to promote it. Facebook ads can only get you so far, what Google Ads do is get people who are laser focused on what you have to offer. Your website is found by people actively searching for your services. Ads make sure you are the choice they make.

Take a look at this short vid below. It explains in 2 minutes how they work.

Once they find you, your website or landing page should be designed and built so that it’s easy for someone to ask a question, get information easily, buy your product without hassle. This is all part of a digital strategy.

Google Ad Diagram showing the three ingredients to better more cost effective ads. Langin Page, CTR and ad relevance.

I’m going to be doing something more involved about Google Ads (and Traffic Junky) to show how important it is for all businesses to seek alternative ways to advertise rather than Facebook. In this highly competitive area, you need every tool available to you to get ahead of your competition. Don’t throw the tool out just because you don’t know how to use it. Find someone and pay to have it done. You will see results!

I’m not saying Facebook ads don’t work. But Google Ads are better. 😃

Thought for today.

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