Website analysis for 3 month Report

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Website analytics since launch.

This is for 3 months. Growth is steady with increased visits. Still most of my hits come from social media, especially Facebook. LinkedIn is not giving me the traction I would have hoped, but that’s not surprising, locally Facebook rules the roost as it were. Bounce Rate is healthy. The content that seems to be doing well is my post on proofing online posts. The post that is top of the list is “Cheap Logo Design” this was a well shared and discussed post and continues to draw organic traffic. The second page shows the conversion rate which is pretty interesting, lots of click-throughs to the Teepublic shop and contact page/section (I have gotten a total of 0 emails from my contact page, but again, not surprising. I will set up a WhatsApp link to have people contact me there directly.) I have been lax in adding content: this will change in the new year.

This is just a small sample of the kind of reporting I can do for you. I can create data reports and represent it in any way you’d like and its not limited to Google Data Studio alone, Data Studio is the fastest and easiest way to visualise the data. There are more reports to come.

If you’d like me to do an analysis of your website, just have your data available. The data above shows that on the first day of launch I have some tweaking to do with the site. I see that the subjects of how-to and design imagery, are interesting. Track back links to these and from these will help grow the visits to that content.

Talk to me about your own website in the comments. Tell me about your experiences. Do you use analytics? Is it helping you?

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