Trinidad & Tobago’s digital journey: How far have we come

/ June 15, 2019/ Status/ 0 comments

Tracy Hackshaw writes a great piece in Contact Magazine on the countries digital transformation. Having been at the forefront of it from a marketing perspective, I can attest that this has been a long hard road. We are literally being dragged into the digital age kicking and screaming. The data gives a good idea on where we stand and more importantly, where businesses can find opportunities. Read more here.


Key takeaways are everything we do is mobile. Social Media channels like Facebook are still on the top and are key to reaching potential customers, but that is slowly giving way to more “mature” digital experiences such as search and long form live videos. Another key takeaway is that there is no data for online transacations. This is still a bugbear as more and more businessses are coming online and processing payments online. We are reaching a critical stage where somethig needs to be done to streamline and simplyfy connections between business, banks and consumers. Its still very much a cash based economy.

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